Chikako Ando Traffanstead was born outside of Tokyo, Japan. She was surrounded by all the art of nature even before she started to form her own ideas of what art is. She innately understood how to appreciate the beauty of nature and how to translate that beauty into her work.

Art has always been an important part of her life. When she came to New York she felt she could make something especially thrilling and moving that would express her passion for art.

Her jewelry is art — wearable art. All of her pieces are made with a special fondness for their unique artistic values. She wants her jewelry to be worn daily. Although she uses precious metals and stones, she designs her jewelry to fashionably fit everyday clothes.

Chikako knows how wonderful it feels to wear something fantastic. She wants to provide you with a tiny piece of luxury that will keep your heart light and happy everyday.

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Chikako developed her design and fabrication skills at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), graduating with a degree in Jewelry Design. Afterwards, she was mentored by well-regarded fine jewelry craftmen in New York’s Diamond District.

Chikako designs and crafts her own pieces in New York City.